2. Write a 2 page (double spaced) paper about type II Diabetes, focusing on the role Insulin normally plays in the body. Here are some questions you should consider answering:

a. What does insulin regulate?
b. Where is insulin made? (which organ and what cell type)
c. What triggers insulin release into the bloodstream?
d. Does insulin raise or lower blood glucose levels? (hint: see next question)
e. How does insulin lower blood glucose levels? In your answer to this part, please

mention the insulin receptor and what it causes most cells in the body to do.
f. Are type-II diabetics insulin-deficient or insulin resistant? What does that mean? What molecule would be absent (or in low levels) in a type I versus a type II diabetic?
g. What happens to blood glucose levels in type-II diabetes?
h. Why is that bad?
i. The primary treatments are diet and insulin. Why change a person with type-II diabetes’ diet? Why are insulin injections effective? Does this seem like the best long-term treatment, considering the underlying cause of type-II diabetes? 

Also  need 2 references. 

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