dear again i need a structure of this question :

To what extent do you agree with the argument that the Thatcher government was responsible for the outbreak of the Falkland Islands War?

please answer the following points in One Page :

In one page write the structure based  on answering the following questions:

1- Argument – what is your answer to the set question? (what did i understand from the question?? Illustrate the main argument??) to show the debate about that topic between the academics , the Governments and Organisations .

2- My Position/ view supported by arguments . you have to clearly write if i agree or not and why ??

3- Case studies –what are you going to look at to support your argument? What cases ? refer to the name of the cases happened within that topic 

4- Sources – what articles and books have you looked at?

please write more sufficient structure with amazing work , which will show him that i did a good research , because he is a specialist in Falkland islands war ,he did his degree on this .

Do an effort like you’re going to write an real essay , because once he agree on this structure i will hand the work to you with 4000 thousand word .

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