social change speech critique analysis writing homework help

Social change speech? Preferably one that has a video/recording associated.  This is a public speaking class so the analysis must be written from a public speaking standpoint. Does the speaker demonstrate strong visual, vocal, and verbal delivery, etc. 


 The written analysis should include:

  • setting/purpose of speech
  • discussion of the speech’s strengths and weaknesses
  • rhetorical/stylistic devices
  • audience adaptation
  • analysis of 2 direct quotes

Please include a link to the speech in your report if it is available on the web. Otherwise, upload a copy to the dropbox when you submit your critique. 

For this week, I would like you to choose a social change speech to analyze. That means any speech whose main purpose was to encourage some type of social change (please do not use a speech you have already chosen from a previous week). Examples include MLK’s I Have A Dream speech, Eleanor Roosevelt’s The Struggle for Human Rights speech, Susan B Anthony’s On Women’s Right to Vote speech, etc. Follow the guidelines above.

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