article comparison writing assignment help

here are 2 different essay that need to be reading, then  fin some connection between 2 reading and write a new paper .

1 it must contain one thesis statement in the end of first  paragraph,  then have to 3 body graphs with topic sentence in order to support the these statement. ( 3 body paragraph , each of them must have 2 quotes from different 2 essay,  one from reading 1, another from reading 2 )   —that’s mean should have 6 quotes in all writing. moreover, quote should set up, integrated, punctuated, and cite properly, the quote should  analyze it not summarize it.

2 In first paragraph,should contain(1)  A working title  , (2)  A opening sentence that grabs the readers attention, but relate to the content of this paper, (3)    One or Two sentence that transition your text from the opening sentence to the introduction of the authors,  (4)   Introduce author 1 and the title of the reading and in one or two state the author argument. (5)  At least one sentence that transition from author 1 to author 2, and state how the author argument connect to each other  (6) Introduce Author 2 and the title of the reading and in one to two sentences state the author arguments     (6)after introducing 2 authors , stating their argument, declare their connection, you will need to transition to your own argument(position), in doing  that  you should write 1 -2 sentences state how their argument connect to yours, and how  your position builds on theirs to become your own position.  (7)Thesis statement, your position clearly stated, do not restate the authors argument

 3 In the essay, no ‘I’ or ‘In my opinion’, no’ people ‘.

 4 Transitions between paragraphs are not just mechanical, but explain real connection between real ideal in paragraph.

 6 all body paragraphs effectively support the thesis.( the first paragraph’s last sentence)

7 essay need MLA style, and i will give you a sample writing that i have been written, please follow that format.

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