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The type of technology used at my facility and positive outcomes?

The facility that I work at uses MediTech as their main software. Compared to other hospitals our system is a little bit out dated. This because the software is based on a dos system that was created in 1970s or 80s. The program was recently upgraded this year, with the goal to help streamline charting. Since the update, I have noticed that it has been helpful in cutting down the time it takes to chart. But, I still find the program very cumbersome. This is because, every menu has a drop-down box that is very long. Unless you have memorized the codes, it can be very tedious to have to go through long lists to document drains and ports. But there are benefits to the new system. A major benefit to the new MediTech system, is that there is less redundancy in charting. If you have the same patient for several nights, then you do not have to keep documenting the same thing every night. For example, if my patient has not had a change in IV or skin condition, I do not have to go back and document it again.  Another benefit to the new system, is that charting is done according to exception. These new features help with time management and gives me more time to provide direct-patient care.

What can be done to make it more useful or to further improve patient care or outcomes?

A major issue in nursing is charting. Despite efforts, in creating a better MediTech

system, there are still complaints. Since I am new to nursing and not aware of other EMR software, my information is based from my more experienced colleagues. Those who used to chart the “old fashioned” way, which was paper charting miss it. This is because, they think it was more accurate and reliable to chart. However, those who are used to computers prefer EMR. The say that it is faster, and you do not have to struggle with deciphering doctor’s messy handwriting.  According to the information from a study that was completed in Japan by Kaneko et al. (2018), there has been a positive impact on patient care since Japan started using EMR in 2000. It was reported that there have been enhanced patient services, increased safety for medical treatments, and less burden on medical health professionals to create their own care plans.

Based on the research from Kaneko and lecture on informatics. I think EMR is very helpful in providing patient care. Especially when it comes to reducing medical errors. Where I work, there is a link on the MediTech screen that shows compatibility of drugs when hung via IV. Instead of having to call pharmacy for assistance with medications, I can quickly determine which antibiotics are compatible with each other. Another aspect that is helpful in providing care via EMR is the ability to quickly look up information on patients. I can easily answer questions about patient diagnosis and read through labs quickly and efficiently. It is also helpful to be able to isolate specific items like blood pressures to determine trends.

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