Journal Entry

I saw your ungraded journal entry submission. I think you may be missing part of the assignment. Your journal entry assignment is about the self assessments that you were asked to take (out of the green book). These are the assessments to be taken this week:

IV.G.1 —- How Much Do I Know About Organizational Behavior?
I.B.4 —- What Are My Attitudes Toward Workplace Diversity?
I.B.2—- How Involved Am I in My Job?
I.B.3 —- How Satisfied Am I With My Job?
III.B.2 —- How Committed Am I to My Organization?
IV.B.1 —- Am I Engaged?

You need to take these assessments then include each of the scores for each assessment in your journal assignment, then answer these questions for EACH of the assessments you’ve taken:

Each journal entry needs to have five sections, mentioned below:

1. Your scores on the self-assessments for the week

2. How you compared to others (if there are norms)

3. Whether you think your score represents you well and why or why not

4. What you would do to change your score

5. How you’ve been able to apply the content to your own work organization

If you have taken 5 assessments for the week, the scores for all the assessments should be together, clearly labeled, then your comparisons to others should be all together, then the answer for #3 (for each assessment taken) and so on.

A journal is designed to reflect on new knowledge that is personally relevant and that has the potential to bring about growth and development. Self-examination is often uncomfortable, but it’s important to allow yourself to go wherever your journey takes you. Discovering more about yourself will, in the end, make you a better friend, team member, manager, and employee. 

Remember to relate the self-assessments back to concepts in the textbook readings for the week. Please review the rubric for this assignment so you will be aware of the expectations and grading criteria.


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