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Final Project – Putting in all together.

Your assignment is to develop a comprehensive analysis of the current trends in the fitness and wellness industry and map out your career plan.

State the following:

Career goal:

Degree plan:


Align those three. They must be congruent.

Address the following questions and statements.

  1. How do they align with earning potential?
  2. What about lifestyle factors? How does the current job you are interested align with your lifestyle?
  3. Where do you want to work?
  4. What type of work, specifically, do you want to be doing?
  5. Align those to the certification(s).
  6. Define your scope of practice. Make sure that they align with the degree and certification(s).
  7. Define how what you will be doing fits into current trends in physical activity epidemiology. This should be a lengthy answer up to, but not less than one full page.
  8. Put together a list of places that might be suitable for you to pursue as work sites.
  9. Find three relevant job databases. Search those and for each find three jobs that suit you. You must qualify for those jobs with the degree completed and certification(s), not now.
  10. Think about your references. Do those persons align with the goal job, work site, and specific nature of the job? For example, do not use a reference for a strength coach job who knows you only as a high school sophomore in History class!

Instructions: Your submission must be attached here as a WORD document. All references and citations must be in APA format. Include a title page and a reference page with your submission. Pages should have 1″ margins. Font should be Calibri body 11 or similar. Length is not key here, but the breadth and depth of how each question is answered will be evaluated closely.

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