Designing a medical supply drop box

You have be hired as a consultant on a design challenge. Your job is to create and analyze the best design for a medical supply drop box. Each person in the group will design, build and test their own design and then the group will come together as a team to create a single technical report and poster to analyze the data and come up with the best final design. Remember, this medical supply drop box is just a rapid prototype of a much larger scale design that will be used to safely deliver medical supplies into hostile territory from a plane.


·  The drop box must not be more than 6 inches in height, width or depth.

·  You may use any materials you wish.

·  You cannot buy a kit, you must design from scratch.

·  You must be able to easily place a raw egg into the drop box and it must not be cracked, broken or compromised in any way when you drop it from a height of 7 feet.

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