Compared to Jefferson, Paine was not a native born American. Paine was an emigrant from England who quickly began helping America gain independence. I believe that being an immigrant was an advantage because it helped to credit the claims he made about Britain to colonist who had never personally been there. InA Summary View of the Rights of British America,Thomas Jefferson used language that was intended for the educated to read. He was well educated in philosophy and politics. His ideas where based on the philosophy John Locke. He did not discuss slavery in the Declaration because he thought it would cause the states that relied heavily on slaves, to not support their cause. Jefferson did not believe that the monarchy should be one that allowed one to rule over the whole.Paine was the first to write political work that was targeted for the common people.He accused the king, and the monarchy of tyranny. I believe that Jefferson focused more on the king than parliament to reinforce his views on how a single ruler creates problems that could be solved if power was distributed.

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