Consider Bornstein’s (2011) process focused (PF) Model approach to validity.

Bornstein, R. F. (2011). Toward a process focused model of test score validity: Improving psychological assessment in science and practice. Psychological Assessment, 23 (2), 532 – 544.

Then consider a construct (psychological variable) of interest in your specialty area, and a test (you can use the Buros website to select one) designed to assess that specific construct. .

1. Compare and contrast the PF and traditional models of validity.

2. Describe why Bornstein maintains that it is important to use the PF model of validity.

3. Using the 4 steps outlined by Bornstein how would you assess validity for your chosen construct and selected test to assess that construct?

***The construct (psychological variable) is employee job satisfaction. My test (measurement) is the MSQ (Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire). It needs to be answered by an American, not someone from another country. Deadline is Sunday @ 1:00 p.m.***

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