Create a region profile of Latin America. Profile must include information from each of the five categories below. You can select from category 2, but you must include information to address categories 1, 3, 4, and 5. Be creative. Decide what to include from category 2; select at least three characteristics from category 2. 

  • Category 1. Description of the populations, size, growth, distribution, and linkages to global issues. Be sure to use the statistics you learned about in chapter 5: birth rate, death rate, fertility rate, life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.
  • Category *2. Religion, language, economic systems, government, history, ethnic identity, physical landscape, folk culture, physical landscape, ethnic identity, cultural ecology, etc. Select at least three from this category.
  • Category 3. How people interact with their physical environment to create a distinctive region.
  • Category 4. Role of technology in development and in shaping cultural, economic, and political characteristics.
  • Category 5. Discuss the role of “cultural imperialism” in shaping culture in your region.

*You should select at least three characteristics from category 2 that most influence the identity of your assigned region.

  • Profile requirements:
    • Five to six pages of text (does not include any graphics)
    • Typed, double spaced
    • Standard one-inch margin
    • Must include a bibliography (not included as one of the five to six pages)
    • In your profile, answer the following questions:
      • What is “culture”?
      • Why do you consider your region a “cultural realm”?
      • What difficulties or problems did you have in defining your cultural region?
      • Are there subregions in your cultural realm?
      • What role does “cultural imperialism” play in the formation of your cultural realm? Give specific examples of how your region is the legacy of European cultural imperialism.


Use the following online resources to get started:

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