You can apply Kantian theory, Betham theory or Rawls theory to the following case.

What would KANT or BETHAM or RAWLS say we should do and why?

  • Apply two theories

  • Make an argument regarding which of the two theories you’ve applied is the one we should rely on to guide our behaviour

    (that is why choose to be guided by one theory rather than another? Prehaps one theory is harder to apply, or is unable to deal with morally relevant facts? Or perhaps both theories agree in which case you need not choose)

  • No need for citations

·  One Page in length


After two years of hard work, AFS has managed to secure a contract with an international Petroleum company (GXR Int) to provide financial services. This is a huge contract for AFS and could mean the ability to expand their operation into other international markets. The problem that has arisen, however, is that the senior manager at Petrol-Light in charge of the department, who would be in charge of the account, is Teresa.

This is a problem, because the GXR Inc’s managers do not do business with woman as a result of cultural attitudes in their country towards women. Teresa is capable of managing the account, and, other than her sex, is the best person for the job at Petrol-Light Services. However, GXR’s managers are insisting that she be taken off the account and be replaced with a man. The board of directors has approaches Teresa and asked her to step down. Teresa refused to step down voluntarily from the account, explaining that it would be a large accomplishment for her to manage the account. She would be missing out a change to substantially further her career and doesn’t want to lose the chance to get more experience and improve her reputation. She has been a strong, upwardly mobile and loyal employee of Petro-Light for 15 years, and this account would go along way to furthering her career.

AFS has a commitment to equality in its statement of values and mission statement and has publically stated its commitment to ending discrimination in its hiring practices. The board of directors recently called for a meeting to discuss the issue and make a decision. At the meeting GRX threatened to break off the contract agreement if Teresa were not removed from the account

What would two ethical theories say the board should do? Which theory should the board rely on to guide their behaviour? Why?

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