Outline Study Questions below as if they were an essay you were asked on the exam.You can bullet point them or provide a formal outline.Answer each with a thesis, what evidence you would use to support your argument, and the basic issues at hand for each question.Keep in mind: Each term has a specific context. If you are looking up a term and it doesn’t fit into the time period or situation (i.e., you look up war of attrition on Wikipedia and come up with the Israeli War in the late 1960s), THINK AGAIN. The point of the assignment is to study for what is relevant to your course, not just get something done to turn in. Please number each answer according to each question so I know which asnwer goes with each question. AND BE SPECIFIC WHEN IT COMES TO ANSWERING EACH QUESTION. Thanks!!

1.What did exploration of the western territories mean to the concept of American society? What problems did it present?

2.How did technology transform the American economy at the turn of the 19th century?

3.What specific legal challenges did the Supreme Court face and rule on that challenged the established power of the court and individuals?

4.What is meant by «market revolution» compared to industrial revolution? What effect did this have in the early 19th century?

5.What role did party politics play in transforming the American system of government between 1800-1840? Use three examples to explain.

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