If you have not already done so, read the PV Technologies, Inc.: Were They Asleep at the Switch? (HBS 913-505) case.

Build upon the questions raised in the case by answering the following questions in the discussion board.

  1. What changes in the micro/macro environment are driving this change?
  2. What conclusions can be drawn about the evolution and impending changes in technology, pricing, and buying criteria in this business?


The questions will be discussed according to the schedule below:

  • Post your answers to the above questions in the thread titled “PV Technologies, Inc.”


  • You will be graded not on the quantity of your posts but the quality.
  • You will be marked down if your post is not relevant to the question being discussed. Sometimes it might be appropriate to refer back to a statement made earlier, which is fine as long as you are not unduly rehashing a point that has already been made.
  • Remember, we have all read the case, so excessively reciting facts that are given in the case will reflect negatively on your grade.
  • Looking at the problem from a strategic point of view will positively reflect on your grade.
  • If you believe a diagram you created will help your discussion, feel free to include it in your post.
  • Although you do not need to respond to every question, responding to only one question is not sufficient for earning high marks. You must show that you understand the entire problem at hand through your well-thought-out answers.
  • Your posts should reflect the cumulative knowledge you have gained from previous chapters.

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