Weighty Posting assignment help

Compose and submit to the Weeks 1 and 2 Discussion Board, as a reply to the appropriate Weighty Post Option thread, a structured post (a structured post has an introduction, a conclusion, and a developed body that flows well – generally at least a few paragraphs – at least 250 words), using your own words, on at least one of these weighty question. 

You are working for a large hospital, Winterfell Health Systems, in the American Southwest. Your local competitor, Casterly Rock Hospital, was struck by a ransomware attack last week, and a nearby urgent care facility, King’s Landing Care Associates, was seriously affected by a fire. Recently the entire community was thrown into a panic when a tourist died from The Plague, a highly contagious disease, originally thought to be a severe case of the flu. The outbreak was limited to the one unfortunate tourist, but it reminded everyone that The Plague is endemic in the American Southwest. At Winterfell, expensive equipment (including machines used in the diagnosis and treatment of highly contagious diseases like the abovementioned Plague) is often shared between units and moved throughout the hospital facilities. One of the concerns expressed by medical professionals and managers in the organization is the difficulty of tracking specific pieces of equipment. As a result more units are purchased to make sure that at least one of them is always available when needed. From efficiency perspective there is no data to track usage of specific equipment. The machinery is also becoming more wirelessly connected and some security concerns have been raised, particularly in light of Casterly Rock’s recent ransomware attack. The BI team you are a part of has been asked to work with the technology infrastructure team to make recommendations on a system that will track the location and daily usage of every individual piece of equipment. Who are the stakeholders? What questions do you need to ask? What facts do you need to know? How will you go about finding out the information you need? What role do business continuity and disaster recovery have in this scenario?

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