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The nurse can offer community resources to Susie as well as a referral to home health.  If financially possible, Suzie may need some help with her added responsibilities.  She also may need counseling to deal with the deterioration of her mother’s health, the switch in roles and stress.  The family systems theory would take into consideration that the entire family may be feeling the stress.  Kerr (2000) describes the family as being interconnected and they share the same emotions.  Assuming Suzie is married to the father of her children, she would be considered to be under the “married parents configuration” in regard to the structure of the family (Edelman, Kudzman, & Mandle, 2014).  The family development theory consists of 8 stages.  Suzie’s family would be in the “families with school children stage” (Edelman, Kudzman, & Mandle, 2014).  While the family is in the “families with school children” stage, this does not take into consideration that there is an elderly parent living in the home.  Health education can help this family by covering not only areas of concern for safety of the children, but also safety of Suzie’s mother.  You may offer information on prevention of injury such as wearing helmets for bicycle rides as well as removing throw rugs to limit tripping/falls.  Another important consideration would be to keep grandmas medications in a secure place so the children can’t get to them.

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