Can you please write your thoughts/anaylis of the answers given below:

1.) QUESTION: Why were some of the biggest cities in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century no longer the biggest cities at the beginning of the 21st century?  Use your knowledge from conference discussions on migration to answer this question.

ANSWER: The answer is the shift from industrialization of America. During the 20th century we were building railroads, factories, cars, and all these manufacturing items. This allows for those cities to be booming economic towns like Michigan and their cars. After the industrialization period ended all the factory jobs ended which forced workers to shift to urban metro cities like NY and LA.

2.) QUESTION : There are now about 200 political states that send representatives to the United Nations. Maps of the world often divide the land masses into different political states demarcated by international borders. These borders are often disputed and tend to change over time. Is their location better explained by geography or by history? Why?

ANSWER: I would have to say it’s better explained through history. While natural physical borders could delineate what borders are, it doesn’t show the reach of a state. The mongol empire was one example of history where there rule stretched across Asia and Europe. How we do things and act accordingly is through precedent and history shows us how it has been. Now things can change and just because what was once might not be in fact now but it can provide a good base to work with. Every region has their disputes and at the respective place there would be an inclination towards geography or history to back their claim.

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