select a composer or performer – you may select someone from the OR a solo artist or group of your choice . 

Information to include :

Life_historical background of composer/performer(country of birth, year of life ,family influences on music ,factors that influenced their music,did they perform ,etc.)

Musical Era _what musical era did  the composer live /write during ,what are the musical characterstics identified in that era

Type of music by the composer _Instrumental,vocal,both instrumental and vocal.What forms of music is the composer known for writing ? (Symphonies,chant,piano etudes, jazz compositions , pop music)

Identify and describe at least two of the composers ./performers most well-known words.


you may use APA or MLA format 

 minimum of 3 pages ,double-spaced .Title page and reference page are separate (not included in the 3 pages )

Minimum of 3  sources -please use reputable sources in your research .

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