non digital practices of self representation writing assignment help

According to Jill Walker Rettberg (2014) “there are three distinct modes of self- representation in digital media: written, visual and quantitative” (p1). To successfully complete this assessment, you will choose a digital self-representation practice (i.e. productivity hacking, fitness tracking) or platform (i.e. a lifestyle blog, a hook-up app) and research it in detail. Your investigation should take account

of each aspect of the ‘circuit of culture’ (DuGay et al 1997/2013) and the affordances of any technologies involved (i.e. mobile phones, wearable devices). You should also consider the ways your chosen practice is similar to, or different from earlier and/or non-digital practices of self-representation.

Im thinking about instagram or maybe hook up app. I don’t know which one is easier

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