During this unit, you will investigate different numerical measures for describing data, and you will also prepare for the cumulative MSL Midterm Exam. The exam includes concepts covered in Chapters 1–4.
You will use Excel in this Discussion. Excel graphs and charts do not paste into the Discussion Board. Therefore, please place your entire main post, all parts, all graphs, and all portions into a single Word Document. Then, use Add/Remove to upload and attach that document to the Discussion Board as your main post.
Data Set: Garbage.xlsx 1. What is the name of your dataset?
2. Choose and write down the name of any quantitative and continuous variable from your dataset and use Excel to calculate the mean, median, mode, min, max, range, variance, and standard deviation for that variable. Paste the results into your main post (or use Add/Remove to attach them).

a. Which measure of center (mean, median, or mode) does the best job in describing your variable and why?

b. Which measure of center (mean, median, or mode) does the worst job in describing your variable and why?

c. Include (type in) the value 50000 into your selected variable data. Now, recalculate the mean, median, and the variance for your variable (now that it includes the extra value of 50000). How did this change the mean, median, and variance from their original values? Is the change what you expected? 3. Choose any two quantitative variables from your dataset. Use three numerical measures to compare these two variables. Next, create a bar graph that includes the mean and median for both variables (to visualize their comparison).

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