Internationalization of Mars and Ferrero



Questions need to be addressed: Mars ( and Ferrero ( are two world‐leading food (especially Chocolate) manufacturers.


After researching these two companies and related literature, respond to the following questions:

1. What are the key success factors of these two companies in terms of internationalising?

2. Do you think one company is more competitive than the other in terms of internationlising? Why? Please apply some international business theories when you analyse this question.

3. If you were given the responsibility of managing these two companies, what international strategy changes you would undertake in order to make the companies more competitive and profitable?


FORMAT This assessment task should be presented as an essay and should include the following sections:

♦ Title (You need to give an appropriate title to this essay – the title should be able to highlight the core meaning of the whole essay)

♦ Introduction

♦ Question 1 (You need to give an appropriate heading to this question, e.g. Success factors)

♦ Question 2 (You need to give an appropriate heading to this question)

♦ Question 3 (You need to give an appropriate heading to this question)

♦ Conclusion

♦ Reference List


Guidelines 1. The core of this assignment is to assess your level of mastery of the subject matters and your analytical skills in the international business context. Being descriptive is not appropirate for this assignment.

2. Keep the Introduction and Conclusion short (maximum 200 words each).

3. Response to each question should be between 600 and 750 words.

4. Total length of the assignment is limited to 2500 words excluding references (10% more or less is allowed). Each of the three questions is weighted equally. Presentation The assignment must be well‐structured and well‐presented.


1. The clarity of expressions together with the appropriate use of grammar, spelling and punctuations are important to maintain.

2. Theories and examples could be integrated to substantiate the arguments.

3. At least eight (8) academic references must be cited along with other non‐academic references such as articles from newspapers and coporate web pages.

4. Any use of comments, information, data or quotations from any sources (books, journals, newspapers, web etc) must be cited using an appropriate referencing style (Harvard).

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