I really need a great informative speech outline completed on “Genital Mutilation Today”.  I need the questions of who, where, and why answered. Who is doing it, where is it being done, and why/ is it legal. It is not a lot of work at all. I am supplying the outline template. 

Guidelines are below….. 

You will turn in a typed full-sentence, full-content outline with your speech.  The outline will include all parts: introduction, conclusion, two-three main ideas and transitions.  The outline must follow the guidelines of the Outline Preparation Guide.  The outline should include a works cited page.  The outline should be typed in 12-point font and double-spaced. Late outlines will receive half-credit.

Research Requirement

For this presentation, you will need to include at least four reputable sources of information. You may include books, scholarly journal articles, and newspapers. You many only include one website. This website must be created and maintained by a reputable source (You will not be able to use Wikipedia, or any similar site; doing so will result in a severe penalty.)


Your speech should be accompanied by visual aids that emphasize your main points. Powerpoint presentations must follow the guidelines presented during class.  

Grading*** whoever completes this assignment for the amount I have which is not much till I get paid….I will choose them to do my 7 page paper and pay 100 dollars even. 

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