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plus the attached documents for paper 1 and 2 they are labeled homework 1-6. You must use them to help you complete the work. I reapet you must use them to help with paper 1 and 2


paper 1


Create a career life plan for yourself. You will assume both roles in this exercise: the participant and the OD practitioner.

Steps one, three, and five are for you the individual. In steps two and four you will assume the role of the organizational practitioner. Review the items in steps two and four objectively so that you may make the necessary revisions to your career life plan in steps three and five. Your 2  page career life plan should include the following:

  1. A list of life goals that include: personal, career, professional, and relationship goals.
  2. Review of the list to set priorities and identify any conflicting goals. (Review should be written in summary paragraphs for each goal).
  3. Create a list of important achievements.
  4. Compare the achievements with the goals list to identify any conflicts. After this comparison, create a revised list of goals.
  5. Create a plan of action. How will you achieve each goal? Identify any barriers that may exist for each goal. How will you overcome each barrier?


paper 2


Review the stress management materials you have just learned about. If you were an OD practitioner, which method do you feel would be most beneficial in helping employees manage stress and why? Answer in no less than one full page with references.


all that materil that you will review is in the attached documents


paper 3


Compare/Contrast the mestiza, borderlands, and cultural issues found in two writers’ work. Please respond in a five-paragraph APA essay format with quotes, proper in-text citations, and references.

Please be sure to include the following in your assignment submission:

  1. Write a formal, 5-paragraph essay in APA format, including a cover page,no more than a page long, n less than a page in response to this question. Base your answer on your own observations and support your assertions quoting from your assigned readings.
  1. Read the assigned readings from the Latino Literature. Highlight quotes, summarize, or paraphrase from your readings and be sure to include an in-text citation in proper APA format (Author, year, p. X).
  1. We must include three quotes from our readings. When we discuss literature, it is all about the words before us. They are ours to consider and reflect on. So, you will want to make a strong assertion and prove it, or support it, by quoting from the readings. Include three quotes in our essay.
  1. Create a strong thesis for your essay. A thesis states your main idea in a sentence. A sample thesis (which you are free to use) might be: The concepts of the mestiza consciousness, borderlands, and cross-culture challenges influence the writings of Latino writers.
  1. Be sure to include an APA reference page. For complete instructions on APA,
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