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) For this exercise, you do not need to type the entire question, before producing a response, but it would be a good idea to copy and paste the following labels to each question, prior to providing your response in complete sentences. 1. BEA Website; GDP product data your response 2. BLS Website; Manufacturing employment trends your response 3. BLS Website; Illinois employment in manufacturing your response 4. Summary your response 2) These are not one-sentence responses. If you choose to answer with one sentence, it needs to be a carefully composed sentence that incorporates all questions asked. Remember, even if the question “why” is not overtly asked, you should always consider that it is there. 3) Websites change. The last time I perused these websites, they looked a little different. The clicks were not as clear as the author indicated. You may have to do a few more searches to find your answers. If you find charts and graphs, you may copy and paste them into your WORD document.However, you still need to write your own explanation(s).
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