energy alternative

So for this assignment, your job is to present a potential solution (Wind, PV, Biomass, Hydrogen, Nuclear Power, Bicycles, etc.)  to our energy problems, fully describe (with links to web sites if possible) at least one possible Revenge Effect of the solution, and then go back and present a rebuttal  to the Revenge Effect as offered by the proponents of the potential solution.

Here’s an example, but you can’t use this one.  One possible solution to our energy problems is the use of Wind Power.  One RE is that siting these monsters in farmer’s fields takes away valuable cropland from production.  So, losing agricultural productivity is the Revenge Effect.  A Wind Power Proponent might counter that while this RE is true, there is far more agricultural production destruction by the use of mountaintop removal to gain access to coal resources in West Virginia.  In addition, this type of mining also results in faster runoff during rain storms and the flooding of lowland agricultural areas is quite extensive.  The loss of a few hundred square feet of pasture for a Wind Turbine, is far less destructive than continuing to mine coal in WV.

Once again, please use the classic 5 paragraph composition format to make your case. For the 5 paragraphs there will be an Introduction, 3 supporting ideas (the energy solution, the Revenge Effects – and there could be several, and the rebuttal to the Revenge Effects), and a concluding paragraph.  This is a college-level assessment, so I have high expectations for your use of  grammar and spelling.

Your effort should be between 1 and 2 (equivalent) pages. 

Note, there may not be a “correct” answer to this question.  Your job is to convince me that your position is the most correct.

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