Respond, add, disagree, agree to this post in 50 words or more and use examples from the pdf attached. Cite within your answer like so: (Mosser, 2013, ch 1.6, para 11).

Consumerism is the theory that the more people spend from day to day, the better our economy will be.  Everything you buy from one day to the next is helping to boost the economy which is the basic idea of consumerism.  However, planned obsolescence is when a product is created with the intention of leaving room for improvement so they can release other parts or updates that they can sell for ongoing profits.  Many people in America like to “keep up with Jones’s” or in other words they have to have the newest hottest thing going so to keep up with their friends.  My husband builds BBQ  smokers from big competition smokers or the competition style smoker for the back yard.  It is an ever changing market that has come a long way.  It started at the big barrel pits that were basic.  Now they are making insulated smokers that use very little fuel to cook and they even have add-ons such as computers that keep the temperature the same all the time.  Every 6 months or so they come out with some new model of smoker that has some new gadgets on it and people are ready to upgrade to the new style of smoker. 

The utilitarian principle explains consumerism by simply stating that “one should choose to do that which produces a better outcome for the largest number of people.” (Mosser 2013).  Planned obsolescence is more in the ethical theory deontology, kind of wrong to build something with not all the bells and whistle on it already and do so knowing you’re going to charge them for it later. 

Mosser 2013, 
Ethics and Social Responsibility 2nd Edition (Electronic Edition) Found at

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