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Need help writting this paper below. No plagirism no work cited from wikipedia. Due 5/13/15



Your role and task: You’ve been appointed to research a proposal for a campaign on a college campus, based on the topic you’ve selected. The one I have selected is – Propose an anti-drinking campaign to a hypothetical college.  

Step 1 – See attached article to support your campaign topic.

Step 2 – You will format a full APA citation for this source.

Step 3 – Read and think about your article. If you want to, take notes as you read it, highlight it, and make marginal comments evaluating and making judgments about passages.

Step 4 – Now write a paragraph analyzing how this source will specifically support your ideas. Discuss its strengths and its weaknesses for convincing the senior administration (your audience).

Criteria and Format

  • This assignment should be 150-200 words in length or about 6 – 10 sentences.
  • Include a double spaced cover page with three lines centered halfway down the page stating: First Research Source, Your first and last names, and the date.
  • Double-space the one to two paragraphs.
  • This evaluation of your first source should be mostly in your own words, but you may include one short quote or paraphrase with a proper APA in text citation if you wish (not required).
  • On a separate page titled Reference create the full citation of your first source in proper APA format.  





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