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Here the second post for reply:

My thoughts related to the Common Core Standards are how professionalism standards are written from K-12 grade mathematics. It’s very important to have standards in each grade level for students meet. I am a  current substitute teacher.I have been so disappointed in a couple of teachers. Why? Once I substitute in a second-grade class and some of those students didn’t know their additions. I was helping them with a worksheet the teacher had assigned to them. Some of the students look confused. They were honest one said “ Miss I just know 3+6=9 but I don’t know __=3+6. And others didn’t know either way. The CCSS is a very good idea for teachers to meet the requirements for each and every student in class. I know some students stay behind and others go ahead but the main point is by the end of the year everyone is ready for the next grade level. 

From the eight standards for mathematical practice, the ones I selected that stand out more to me were “make sense of problems and persevere solving them” and “reason abstractly and quantitatively”. It was hard to choose but in my opinion, those are the two that stand out the most to me. Make sense of problems and persevere solving problems stand out the most to me because every student needs to understand the problem before solving it. If the student doesn’t understand anything about the problem he or her won’t be able to find entry points to solve the solution. The second one that stands out to me was “reason abstractly and quantitatively” the students makes sense of quantities and also their relationship in problems situations. It’s not just knowing how to complete the problem but also to use different properties of operations and objects.


Like the first one the reply should be one small paragraph.

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