Group Discussion Prompt: Review the air pollution data you collected in the Lab Report for Discussion, and design an experiment that allows you to measure air pollution. Use the discussion board to share your design and the data you collected with your classmates. Describe your experimental design.

Points: 20

Instructions for lab in order to complete discussion.

Your assignment for this laboratory is to design your own experiment to test for air pollution. It is all up to you. You decide what you are testing for, where you will test for it, and how you should gather and identify the types and sources of air pollution. Keep careful notes and make sure you follow scientific methods so that you can answer the questions on your Lab Report for Discussion before joining the Threaded Discussion Board Activity.

Before you form a hypothesis and design your experiment, consider your location and your materials. If you live in a city, you might have an easier time finding pollution as compared with someone in the country, but there are small amounts of air pollution everywhere. Take a look around the outside your home. Are your windows dirty? How did they get that way? See how much dirt you can pull off of an outside wall using the sticky side of a piece of tape. You could also see how much dirt you can collect off surfaces with a paper towel and a cleaning solution. If you live in the city, you could ask a friend in the country to do the exact same procedure and compare notes.

You could also try to collect pollution using the glass slides and the petroleum jelly from the K12 materials kit. Smear petroleum jelly on the slides, and then place the slides in different places. How much dust and dirt sticks to each slide in a week? Can you find more pollutants on a busy city street as compared with quiet roads? What about rain? Can you detect air pollution by examining rainwater?

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