A Rose for Emily short story discussion English homework help

Be sure that your discussion does not offer plot summary.  The point is to analyze, compare/contrast, discuss, etc.  ALL discussions will be graded based on content, organization (standard essay organization is requested–brief intro with thesis, body paragraphs with controlling topic sentences, conclusion), grammar, and mechanics.

discussion must be at least 350 words. 

outside information in discussions will be considered plagiarism. 

Choose EITHER A or B.

A. Select ONE of the following stories – “The Yellow Wallpaper”, “A Rose for Emily”, “Greasy Lake” or “Cask of Amontillado” – and write about setting in the story. How does the author use setting? What aspects of setting – physical, geographical, historical – are important in the story you chose to write about?  Be specific and provide examples for support from the textbook.

B. Choose one of the following stories and explain how the theme of escape figures into the story.  Does escaping create the conflict or solve the conflict?  Be specific–use examples from the text for support.  Don’t forget to fulfill all of the requirements listed above.

“Barn Burning”

“The Story of an Hour”


“Everyday Use”

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