Kind of Assignment: a Critique Review on one of the Articles  attached .

Title : “ the name of the selected Article “ Critique Review

 General Instructions :

1. Read all three articles attached, focus on the published dates and relate whether it happened before world war 1 or 2 .

2. Make notes so that you are clear about the main arguments.

3. Which one did you find most interesting?

4. Write down why.

5. What are the problems with the article?

6. How does it help your understanding of diplomacy?

7. It should involve the analysis of an article on a facet of diplomacy listed below.

8. You should choose just ONE article to assess.

9. Your analysis should be a sustained reflection on the main themes of the article along with the weaknesses, merits, and implications of your chosen article.

10. The word limit is 2000 words.

11. Harvard referencing style.

12. 0% plagiarism

13. you should understand that this is a Review assessment upon one of the Article , feel free to choose any of them . you should have a wide sources as maximum 25 list of references  including the listed articles in order to compare.

The Aritcles :

1. Morgenthau, Hans, ‘Diplomacy’, The Yale Law Journal, No.55 Vol.5, August 1946, pp.1067-1080.

2. Henrikson, A., ‘The Future of Diplomacy? Five Projective Visions’ Clingendael Discussion Paper in Diplomacy 96, The Hague, Clingendael Institute, January 2005

3. Kelley, J. R., ‘The New Diplomacy: Evolution of a Revolution’, Diplomacy & Statecraft, Volume 21, Issue 2, 2010, pp.  286-305.

Your analysis should critically interrogate the assumptions and implications of the article chosen.

Whether you agree or disagree with the article chosen for the analysis, you should critically explore the claims being put forward,

The assumptions (explicit or implicit) that underwrite these claims should be considered

The implications for theory and/or practice that emerge from the article.

It is encouraged that you use the wider literature to help inform your analysis. 

The Structure :

(The coming structure will help you write the Article Review essay that you must follow ) .

Introduction – what is the article saying and do you agree with it or not? Do you think it is a good article? How will you defend your argument?

What is the context of the article – who is the author and what circumstances are part of the background to the writing of the article? What assumptions underpin the argument?

What argument is the author making? Explain it in detail.

How does this article link to other journal articles and books that you have read on the topic?

Is there anything in the article that you might challenge? How convincing is the argument/analysis being put forward by the author? As  you can refer to the other attached articles to compare .

Conclusions. Restate your argument. What difference did reading this article make to how you think about the topic in question? (What does the article say to you about diplomacy?)

Ps . please please follow everything i have mentioned above in order to prevent any amendments. 

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