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It is obvious that breastfeeding provides the initial nutrients and necessary protection regarding antibodies that infants need as they develop. When a nurse realizes that a mother is reluctant to breastfeeding, it is their respective role first to understand the reasons for the action of the mothers (Christian et al., 2015). The next step would be imparting the newborn mother on the importance of breastfeeding and how it is done for those who have no experience. Other alternatives may include creating groups of mothers who come together to breastfeed with the aim of motivating others in maintaining the practice (Khoury et al., 2016).

The reasons that may cause a mother not to breastfeed may either be occupational or health, nonetheless, as a nurse, it is important to ensure the infant receives the needed nutrition regardless of means method. Babies during their first months after birth require specific diets that are rich in calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K (Grummer‐Strawn & Rollins, 2015). All with their specific duties insufficiency of any can have negative developmental effects on the baby. However, it should be noted that all these nutrients are available in breast milk. Nevertheless, mothers are required to maintain an alcohol, tobacco, and any other narcotic free lifestyle as the effects of these substances can affect the infant through the breast milk (Grummer‐Strawn & Rollins, 2015).

The best response for mothers who are reluctant is to provide them with the information they need to give the best care for the infant. If the mother is reluctant on breastfeeding, then as a nurse the best alternative would be advising the best formulas that can be used to ensure the proper and full development of the baby.

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