Write a report illustrating how geometry is used in industry discussion help

1. Write a report illustrating how geometry is used in industry. Be sure to include how the values of community, responsible stewardship, and excellence affect the industry you researched.

2. Compare and contrast how a designer and architect might use geometry. How does Geometry effect the community from the designer and architect perspective?

3. What forms of gambling are legal and what forms are not? Give examples. Should gambling be allowed on Indian reservations in states where it is not allowed off those reservations? Why or why not? How do these activities support or break down community?

4. While many states run lotteries, most prohibit individuals and businesses  from doing so. Is that ethical? How does this impact the sense of community?

5. What are your views on the country spending more money than it takes in? Support your views with statistical reports or documentations.

6. Choose a sport and two positions, which gets paid more?


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