Word Limit The essay should be about 25 words writing homework help

The Review
The review is to be written as an essay that reflects your understanding of issues with Professional Practice. It is up to you what aspects, issues or arguments you put forward but they must be relevant to Professional Practice as it pertains to Information Systems and must be grounded in current literature. The essay is an academic paper and all claims and assertions must be adequately substantiated with appropriate evidence. You are expected to use other literature and references, preferably from current journal papers, to substantiate your argument in the review. All references must be appropriately cited and referenced. The essay must be relevant academically and indicate implications for practice. The style and form of the essay should be consistent with review articles published in IS journals.

The most important aspect of the essay is that it must reflect your own thinking and understanding of Professional Practice in the Information Systems Industry. Please be aware of the plagiarism and collusion policies established by FIT and Monash University.

Attached the instructions of the assignment and the article that you’ve to review it. 
Please read the instructions carefully because the last time you did work for me and my lecturer gave me pass only which means your work is not good enough to get an excellent grade as I requested. 
In this assessment you need to go through the article and discuss the strength, weaknesses, etc.
Also when you finish it I’ll send it straight away to my lecturer to get some feedback and comments what is good and what needs to be modified or changed because I want to get excellent in this assessment.

Please read the instructions carefully

i need excellent grade in this.. please A++ work.

thank you.

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