1. As with most things, there are those who believe globalization is a good thing and others who believe it is horrible. Our text takes the approach that globalization benefits society as a whole.

What do you think? Why? In one or two paragraphs state your beliefs re globalization and explain why you believe this.

2. Have you ever knowingly purchased a counterfeit product – perhaps a purse or a wallet or maybe a watch for example. 

What are some of the implications for your purchase decision for the real company as well as for the entrepreneur selling the counterfeit product. 

Topics to consider include:

Why is there a market for counterfeit goods? 

How does this market benefit sellers? 

What does it mean for the company producing the real product? 

Where was the counterfeit product likely to have been made? 

How do counterfeit products help an economy?  How do they hurt it?

 How do decisions to buy counterfeit items influence new product development policies at companies? 

Would a legal system that protects property rights changes any of your answers?


At present, news reports covering Walmart’s corruptive practices in Mexico are numerous andt roubling, to say the least. In our course textbook, “International Business,” Hill (2015) focuses on the American company’s foray into San Juan Teotilhuacan, Mexico, which was met withconsiderable government and civilian resistance in 2003-2004, thus prompting Walmartexecutives to pay a “$52,000 bribe to a local official to redraw the zoning area so that theproperty Walmart wanted to purchase was placed outside the commercial-free zone” (p. 51).Subsequently, the company rapidly constructed a Walmart de Mexico store amidst majoropposition, who contested the site’s proximity to a cultural landmark and decried the potentialeffects of the discount store on dozens of ‘mom and pop’ markets in the community (Barstow &von Bertrab, 2012).

question: Did walmart violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? What is your opinion? If you think itdid, what do you think the consequences will be for Walmart? If you think it didn’t, give yourrationale for the reasons why you believe that

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