Why did Lincoln decide to issue the Proclamation at this particular time?

Lincoln decide to issue the proclamation because the times were changing and he saw how slaves were being treated and he wanted hat to change and also wanted to have a all black military and stated that if you fought you would be free after so many years and the slaves loved him for it.  During the 1800’s they were trying to fight for an anti-slave state and what better way to do so by having them fight in the military.  they didn’t want him to use anti-slave because it would not look good for him, which sadly it was one of the reasons he was murdered.  He was hoping to gain a good public eye, because he was making changes and a lot of people saw that and did not like him for it.  So he was trying to gain trust and trying to make the US a better place to live. The Emancipation proclamation was issued twice, Lincolns advisors did not support what he was trying to do.  The Emancipation changed the turn of the war, and the Proclamation prevented foreign nations in the civil war  

agree too this statement in minimum 100 words.

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