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– The paper must be typed, double-spaced with 12-point font, Times New Roman.
– The body of the paper (NOT COUNTING THE TITLE PAGE AND BIBLIOGRAPHY) is 4-6 pages long. It must be at least 4 FULL PAGES (Not 3.5 pages).
– The paper has 1 inch margins. (Check under ‘File’: ‘Page Setup’ to ensure that the margins are at 1.0 inches).  I do deduct 5 points from the paper grade if the margins are MORE than 1 inch. 
– The paper has at least 2 sources from either books or journal articles (The textbook is not to be used as a source. Internet sources are not allowed unless they are journal articles accessed through www.jstor.org)
– The paper has a bibliography on a separate piece of paper after the 4-6 pages of argument with the citations to the sources you used. The format for those citations are on the instruction sheet I passed to you all on the first day of class. If you cannot locate the instruction sheet, it is posted under “Assignments” on Blackboard.
– The paper must have a title page.  A title page should have your name, class section (HIST 121-041N), and a title . The title page does not count to the 4-6 page requirement for the main argument of your paper. It should be separate from the body of the paper.  Do not begin writing paper on the title page.  It should just have a name, class section, and title. 
– The paper must have no contractions. (Instead of “wasn’t”, write it out as “was not”. I do take off 1 point for each contraction in the paper)
– The paper must be written in third person. (Do not use pronouns like “I” or “me” or “my”. Keep everything in third person)
– Watch for spelling and grammar.
– Staple the pages together in the top left-hand corner

Format: Title Page + 4-6 page body making the argument + Bibliography of sources

Remember, you are choosing to answer just ONE of the three questions listed.  Be very precise with your answers.  Be certain to include information from your sources into the body of the paper. 

When I grade the papers, I look at two major things: (1) how well did you organize the paper (2) what details did you include from your sources to help illustrate your arguments. 


1) If you are having trouble organizing your paper, keep everything in chronological order in the paper.  You don’t have to organize your arguments chronologically but if you are struggling to find a good organization for your paper, use that. 

2) Also, for grammatical purposes, make certain to keep your verb tenses consistent throughout the paper.  For any paper in history, it is a good habit to write everything in the past tense since history is, in fact, the study of the past.

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