• What specific problems does Ball identify that ultimately would make U.S. escalation in Vietnam unsuccessful? 
    • Firstly, Ball believes the South Vietnamese are losing the war and will lose in the end. Secondly, Ball understand that the war the U.S. will be fighting is a guerrilla war in a hostile countryside. The Viet Cong is and will refuse to come to a peace agreement with the U.S., regardless the number of troops present in Vietnam. Thirdly, this war has been a civil war. The involvement of the United States would mean the war is now the United States against North Vietnam, and fellow communist allies. Therefore, it is a war we cannot win, if we were to enter the war. 
  • What is Ball’s advice concerning an appropriate U.S. policy toward Vietnam?  What does he suggest is the best solution? 
    • The main suggestion from Ball is to limit troops in South Vietnam and to find a way out without causing long terms cost for both the United States and bad relationship with the Vietnamese. 
  • Does the memo accurately predict the outcome of the Vietnam War? 
    • Unfortunately, Ball predict the outcome of the Vietnam War. Our commitment to the war cost thousands of lives from our troops. And in the end, we lost the war and the Viet Cong had won.

 agree with this statement a minimum 200 words!

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