DISCUSSION 1: This for the MSA class you’ve been helping out with about Liberty House and why the percentage of clients who attend counseling drops after leaving the facility.

You will find most of the answers to these questions in the attachments below…One is the Review Application and the other is the MSA Guide to the Capstone Project. Please answer the questions correctly.

  1. When you complete your individual research project do you think you will be more likely to use descriptive statistics or some other statistical method? Explain how you plan to analyze your data.

  1. What is the purpose of the CMU Research Review Application Process? ( The ultimate goal is to insure human subject protection. The reviewer will determine that nothing in the proposed project constitutes an unacceptable level of risk….elaborate…RRA Tips attachment will help more with this answer…please don’t copy)

  1. Which students do not have to complete the Review Process?

  1. Review the Research Review Application. Which of the two categories best fit your individual research project? Which attachments will be needed for your individual research project? Why? (Hint: If you read Lecture this last part will be easier to answer)

  1. On the second page of the Application, which box will you select for your individual research project (My project is related to my MSA concentration) ? If you have to complete the text box, what will you say in that box (Explain that this research is conducted in your concentration of MSA and work with social work….elaborate)?

  1. Will you need to include an organizational permission letter with your application? (YES) Why or why not(because I will be surveying clients…elaborate that info)? If yes, are you confident that you can obtain a permission letter (YES)?

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