What is structured and unstructured data computer science homework help

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1. What is structured and unstructured data? Research the challenges of storing and managing unstructured data.

2. Discuss the benefits of information-centric storage architecture over server-centric storage architecture.

3. What are the attributes of big data? Research and prepare a presentation on big data analytics.

4. Research how businesses use their information assets to derive competi-tive advantage and new business opportunities.

5. Research and prepare a presentation on personal data management.

6. What are the advantages of a virtualized data center over a classic data center?

7. Which components constitute the disk service time? Which component contributes the largest percentage of the disk service time in a random I/O operation?

8. Research other elements of a data center besides the core elements discussed in this chapter, including environmental control parameters such as HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air-condition), power supplies, and security.

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