1. What benefits come from a nation having a written constitution like in the United States? 

2. Are there disadvantages in having a written constitution such as ours?  If so, what might they be?

3. Are there any advantages of having an unwritten Constitution like in the UK? 

500 words min


  1. Introduction to the Study of Constitutional Law – Read the 3 paragraphs on the left under the heading “Introduction.” The sections “Assignment” and “Additional Questions for Class Discussions” are not included in this week’s reading. 
  2. The Constitutional Convention of 1787 – Read the entire page except for the discussion questions. 
  3. The Original Constitution (Articles I through VII)
  4. S. Doc. 108-17 Historical Note on Formation of the Constitution
  5. Creating of the United States Constitution – Read all 3 paragraphs. 
  6. Visit the actual US Constitution
  7. Watch this video – The Making of the United States of America directed by Gilbert, John Selwyn, in World: A Television History Episode 22 (Landmark Media, 1985).

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