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The family structural theory refers to how a person’s behavior within the family is a component of their relationship with other family members. Blended families are created when a second marriage or, cohabitation of a couple, bring two families together to become one. 

Accepting and supporting the new relationship can be a challenge not only for the new couple but also for the children involved. It takes time for children to accept another adult as their new “parent”. Mills suggests that it takes a period of time equal to the child’s age to adjust and accept this new parent in their life. Stepparents should be nurturing and supportive of their step children in non-threatening ways during this transition of acceptance of them.

It is important that biological parents continue to work together to  make important decisions regarding their children. It is also important to involve the stepparent in these desionss so they can supportive of the decision made by the biological parents. 

Maintaining a relationship between the biological parents and the new stepparents can be difficult for all involved. Keeping conflict away from the children should be a priority for both biological and stepparents.Learning to communicate with former and and current spouses or partners is paramount and the children’s concerns should always be front and center.

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