Weaknesses Assignment

Phase I – Identify potential weaknesses from either the Aircraft Solutions or Quality Web Design Company

In this phase, you will choose either Aircraft Solutions or Quality Web Design as the company you will work with. The scenarios are in Doc Sharing in the Course Project select area. You will then identify potential security weaknesses.

Security weaknesses – You must choose two from the following three areas (hardware, software, and policy – excluding password policies) and identify an item that requires improved security.

To define the asset or policy with sufficient detail to justify your assessment, your assessment must include:

  • the vulnerability associated with the asset or policy
  • the possible threats against the asset or policy
  • the likelihood that the threat will occur (risk)
  • the consequences to mission critical business processes should the threat occur
  • how the organization’s competitive edge will be affected should the threat occur

To clarify an item that requires improved security, you must identify one of these items:

  • one hardware and one software weakness
  • one hardware and one policy weakness
  • one software and one policy weakness

Other required elements include:

  • Cover sheet
  • APA-style
  • In-text citations and Reference section
  • Minimum length 3 pages, maximum length 5 pages (not counting cover sheet, diagram(s), references). Do not exceed the maximum length.
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