Warden policy changes law homework help

You are the new warden assigned to a closed-security prison. This prison has been overwhelmed with security lapses that have resulted in four escapes over the past 3 years. The assaults among inmates have risen 30% over the past year, and there have been two assaults on staff in the past 6 months. You have been assigned to resolve the situation. 

  • What would you do?
  • List at least 4 of your priorities?
  • Explain what measures you would take to protect inmates?
  • Explain what measures you would take to protect staff?
  • How would you handle the vocational aspects of the prison and the academic educational aspects so that all instructors, staff, and inmates are protected?
  • How would you implement your changes?

1-2 page paper APA format with references 

plus 5 PowerPoint slides with notes that explains in detail a plan of how you would implement your changes.

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