Down is the instruction; it is only one page.

Students here is the criteria for your first Art Critique and Essay

You are to visit any museum or gallery (of your own choice) such as our own Mary Condon Hodgson Art Gallery at F.C.C and complete an Art Critique of one of the artworks. You are to complete this Critique using Feldman’s Model of Art Criticism as your guide. The assignment should be a 1 page typed paper. You must fully complete all 4 content sections of the critique guide. First, you describe what you see. Secondlyanalyze what you see using the elements of Art. Third,interpret the mood, feelings and emotions of what you see. Fourth, you judge whether the work was successful or not and why

1st Description

You are to describe what you see. This is a short summary of recognizable subject matter and visual qualities of the work that are obvious and noticeable to you. You are to include the content and subject matter in representational works, as well as symbolism in abstract and nonrepresentational pieces.

2nd Analysis

You are to list the elements of art and principles of design that are perceived. Discuss the lines, shapes, forms, textures, colors and etc. [Be Specific]Considerations: “what kind of shapes did the artist use to create perspective? What colors did the artist use to impact the painting?”

3rd Interpretation

You are to describe the emotions and feelings of this work based on the evidence in the work itself. Considerations: What is the message in this work?  “What was the artist trying to communicate”? “What clues do you see that support your ideas”?

4. Judgment

You are to give your overall evaluation of the work. State whether the work is successful or not and why. Discuss the overall strengths, success and merit of the work. Your answer is should be a researched summary of what you observed.  

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