Virtual Dissection Lab Project Ideas 

After you carry out detailed animal investigations over the next five lessons, choose one of the following projects to complete:

  1. Compare respiratory systems of the earthworm, frog, and squid. Explain how the specimen breathes and which organs are involved.
  2. Compare circulatory systems of the earthworm, frog, and squid. Include information on major organs and vessels, blood transfer process, how the systems are similar, and how the systems differ. Explain the differences in terms of structure and environment.
  3. Compare digestive systems of the earthworm, frog, and squid. Include how food is ingested, how nutrients are extracted, and how waste is processed.

Your project should include the following components:

  • an introduction to each species, describing its external and internal characteristics
  • a table with a column for the components of the system and a column for each specimen. Fill in the cells with a description of each component in each species.
  • a summary of the similarities and differences among the three species for the system you chose to study
  • a flowchart of the system’s process for each specimen

As you complete the detailed animal investigations, be sure to take notes on the information that you will need for your project.

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