ValleyTech Memo Mini case help

In this activity you will practice using persuasive style in professional documentation. There are two parts to this activity. First, you will craft an internal memo considering the scenario described below. Then, you will write a memo to me defending and describing why you crafted the internal memo the way you did, considering style and genre strategies from Chapters 5 & 16.

 Step 1: The Scenario

You are a manager at ValleyTech, a mid-size biotechnology corporation in the Great Lakes Bay Region, required to write a memo to all employees instructing them to participate in health and safety training.

The memo must contain the following information:

  • All employees are required to the health and safety training class.
  • The classes are mandatory and will be held every Monday and Wednesday at 8:00 am in room 305.
  • Employees must complete one of these courses by October 11th, 2016 in order to be in compliance with company policy.
  • Employees failing to meet this requirement in a timely manner may be suspended until the requirement is completed

As a manager, though, you are also aware of the following information:

  • Two weeks ago, an employee had an accident in one of the labs at ValleyTech. He was exposed to blood born pathogens and has not returned to work since. Apparently he is ill, and the company is worried about possible legal ramifications for the incident since the staff was not properly trained in dealing with these sorts of situations.
  • The majority of ValleyTech competitors require health and safety training as a part of their orientation for new employees.
  • Coffee and donuts could easily be provided during the training.
  • ValleyTech has hired a leading health and safety expert to come in twice a week for the next two weeks. Her name is Mindy Allen, and she is with Mid-Michigan Health and Safety Consultants, LLC.
  • There is an online training program available, but the company is afraid if they offer this as an option that people will not attend the sessions with the expensive consultant they have hired.
  • Employees actually have until the end of the calendar year to complete the training, but Mindy Allen will only be here until October 11.
  • The Bureau of Labor reports that in 2006 for professional and business industries, there were two reported cases of occupational injury for every 100 employees. ValleyTech would fall in this category. ValleyTech currently has 1500 employees.

As you craft the memo, decide whether or not it would help persuade your audience to attend if they knew this information and if it is ethical to share such information. Incorporate this information as appropriate, considering the conventions of memos as described in Chapter 5 and persuasive style and other strategies from Chapter 16. Please Note: You do not have to include all of the additional information. You may pick and choose based on the rhetorical style you choose.

Step 2: The Defense

After you completed the internal memo, write a memo to me that explains and defends the choices you made and the ways in which you considered strategies from Chapters 5 & 16. This memo should be approximately 200-250 words.

The Deliverables

1. Completed internal memo

2. Defense memo

Both deliverables should be uploaded by word file. 

The scoring cirteria:

Both deliverables follow the conventions of a professional memo

Internal Memo: Demonstrates consistency in style (i.e. word choice, sentence structure, and tone)

Defense Memo: Discusses choices in style, content, and organization, referring to the textbook to support claims.

First Internal Memo at least 3 pages, and second Defense memo need 200-250 words. I will also upload ebooks. 

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