For your final paper, use the Six Step Process from Chapter 9 in Ethical Dimensions of the Health Professions to build a recommendation in response to a hospital’s ethical dilemma. You will navigate through scenes and choices in a virtual hospital, gathering information for a recommendation to your health care facility, and basing that recommendation on ethical theories we have studied over the past nine weeks. You will prepare a document using source material from the course to support your recommendation.

As you have learned over the course of these nine weeks, an ethical dilemma poses a unique problem in that it can have multiple effective solutions. The scenario will guide you through the information-gathering process of investigating aspects you choose. Carefully consider the information your navigation provides and which theories provide sound support for your reasoning. You will formulate your unique solution to the dilemma after virtually interviewing, attending meetings, reading emails and taking phone calls.

Step 2: Work through the LearnScapes module

Choose scenario #2. The system will allow you to play and replay individual scenes, view a transcript, take notes, and get help, all from the Menu on the top right of your screen. You can save your work to return to later from the same toolbar. Hovering your cursor over the icons will show you what each icon does. When additional information is available, a blinking number will appear on the right of this toolbar, and is shown in the “Key Takeaways” tab. At the conclusion of your scenario, you will be asked for a recommendation. You may write what you wish here. When complete, you will be given the opportunity to save your work to your computer. Doing so will be helpful in composing your recommendation paper.

Step 3: Write your recommendation paper

Write your recommendation paper in Word. Once complete, upload your saved report to the appropriate place on the course site, just as you have your previous papers.

A well-constructed recommendation will consist of:

  • A very brief overview of the problem in the introduction
  • A clear, sound recommendation of a solution to the dilemma.
  • Proper APA formatting, including
    • 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced
    • Cover page
    • Reference page
  • Two ethical theories( I HAVE ATTACHED IT IN A DOCUMENT) , thoroughly explained as they pertain to the dilemma
  • Three pieces of relevant support, integrated, cited, and referenced, from the course material to show your recommendation is sound
  • Three full  pages (not including cover and reference page)
  • Include, and label, each of these sections:
    • Introduction
    • Problem
    • Recommended Solution
    • Conclusion
  • Additional optional sections may include “Needed Equipment/Personnel,” “Expected Benefits,” etc.

Make sure to review:

Here is the Link to step 2.  please follow all directions and do it properly, paper will NOT be accepted if it does not follow the direction or the rubric attached i have also attached the access code needed to get into the website

access code -09040-CV5IR-7R4V

I have attached picture of the 6 steps in chapter 9 please follow the instructions and do it exactly how it is expected. please pay attention to all instructions and complete this paper exactly how it is suppose to be done . you can also use information from the 6 steps in chap 9 as the  three piece of relevant support, make sure anything that is referenced is cited properly and have quotation marks around them ” “. past tutor forget to do that, that is why it is in bold print that way the same mistake is not made again .

i have also attached a copy of the RUBRIC as well as the ETHICAL THEORIES you need to pick TWO from to write about it in the paper .

paper needs to follow the rubric as well as the content thoroughly. if any questions please let me know in advance, as i stated previously papers that do not follow the content and are missing steps will not be excepted. thank you very much  

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