Response to each question should be a minimum of 300 words in APA format, excluding the question, if you elect to include it. Include references

1.  “Understanding Yourself and Communication in Negotiation” Please respond to the following:

·  Analyze three ways in which your personality attributes, gender, and communication style influence the way you prepare for and perform in negotiations. Provide support for your assertions with examples. 

·  From the e-Activity, assess how well the communication process worked in this specific negotiation. Determine the impact of the barriers to communication in this particular negotiation. Provide a recommendation to prevent this situation from occurring in the future. 

2.  “Persuasion in Negotiation, and The Nature of the Relationship” Please respond to the following:

·  From the e-Activity, analyze the ways in which products and services are marketed to grab your attention and business. Determine whether the practices that are employed are ethical or not. Support your position. 

·  Partnerships are one form of business that often involves close friends or family. Imagine that you are in a partnership with a person close in relationship to you and determine the possible substantive and relationship issues of a partnership that can present themselves. Predict the impact that your relationship may have on the negotiation of this partnership. 

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