as you read chapter 1, you wil find that as the science of psychology developed, so did its many approaches and schools of thought. this exercise helps you differentiate the approaches as you relate them to their historical contexts. although the statements below are not from real psychologists, they very much give accurate observations of our human nature in the various psychological approaches. you are requested to make links according to the theories explained in the text.
the due date for this assignment is june 7 for submission.

which of the following 8 approaches says this:

behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, psychoanalytical (freud), biological, developmental and sociocultural.

1. Unconscious motives and conflicts are central to our aggressive behavior.
2. humans have an inclination about becoming fully functioning.
3.faulty personality development is the result of fixation at an earlier stage of development.
4. abnormal behavior is the result of faulty learning.
5. the same experience means different things to different folks.
6. we are slaves to our hereditary influences.
7. be all you can be.
8. normal behavior is learned through reinforcement and imitation.
9. a person’s belief system is the main cause of disorders.
10. we are all the product of nature and nurture
11. clients are encouraged to question their own beliefs.
12. we do not live in a vacuum. our behavior can only be understood in light of our norms.
13.mental health is the result of congruence between the real self and the ideal self.

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